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Welcome to the Pretzels, Club Penguin’s Saltiest Army

You are currently on the Official site of the Pretzels. The Pretzels were created on September 15th 2009 by Brave. They quickly rose to a Top 10 army, and are very known in the Club Penguin Army Community.

We are always looking for new people to join Pretzels so if you are interested in joining Club Penguin’s Saltiest Army, join today!

Click Here To Join Pretzels

Already apart of Pretzels? Click below to go to our Posts page and see all of our upcoming events, or event results. Remember to stay active and come to events.

Click Here To Go To Our Posts Page

Want to chat with other Pretzel members? Click below and you will be redirected to our Chat page. Once you join, be sure to come on chat daily. We will hold many contests on our chat so be sure to keep checking up!

Click Here To Go To Our Chat

Below you will see many pictures from all of our previous generations. These are many of our accomplishments. Enjoy your stay :)

Screenshot_11 Screenshot_10 Screenshot_16 Screenshot_29 Screenshot_17 Screenshot_7 Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6 Screenshot_11 Screenshot_14 Screenshot_13 Screenshot_12 Screenshot_11 Pretzels8 Pretzels2 Pretzels1 Pretzels6 Pretzels5 pretzelsevent7


Screenshot_10 Screenshot_9 PretzelsEvent8 PretzelsEvent7 PretzelsEvent5 Pretzels2 Pretzels1 PCPEvent11 PCPEvent5 PCPEvent4 PCPEvent6 PCPEvent12 PCPEvent3 Pretzels6 Pcp chat size Pretzels1 PretzelsEvent6 pcp7 pcp9 PretzelsEvent1 PretzelsEvent2 event1 event event6 Event3 PretzelsEvent1 PretzelsEvent2 Pretzels10 Pretzels3 Pretzels2 Pretzels3 Pretzels6 Pretzels5 Pretzels4 Great PCP Training3 Great PCP Training2 Great PCP Training1 Pretzels10 PCPT3 PCP vs ACP 1 War pic 1 pcp vs cppa11 pcp vs cppa10 ETtoots 23 Lol dsfa Okw E6tounges pcp vs iw13 pcp vs iw10 pcp vs iw8 Barf Cakes Pretzels Pic 15 Pretzels Pic 11 Pretzels Pic 12

May Pretzels Legacy Live On Forever


Pretzels Forever.

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