R.I.P Pretzels 2009-2013

Braves Wishes: No one will be able to Recreate Pretzels FOREVER. Pretzels will stay dead unless otherwise said by myself. The following is considered illegal:

  1. Recreating Pretzels
  2. Using the name “Pretzels” or anything similar to it.

“There is no failure except in no longer trying.” – Elbert Hubbard

It has been a great 4 years. We’ve been through so many ups and downs, but we have always found a way to overcome them. I don’t think I will be able to push any harder. I created Pretzels when I first got started in armies. Right out of the gates, I hired 2 other leaders to help me rise, Wolf aka Milkyway, and Funks. They helped me so much by teaching me the essentials of Club Penguin Armies and also played a huge part in the rising of Pretzels.

In our first couple of Generations, we reached sizes of 10. It was getting really good, but then we started to get inactive and eventually die. Then came our 4th Generation. During our 4th Generation, we surprisingly reached numbers of 15+ and got into the CPAC Top 10 for the first time. Like every single generation that we had, we got inactive and I decided that Pretzels shouldn’t go to waste, so I decided to merge us into Watex Warriors.

After a couple of weeks, my laptop broke and I was away from Club Penguin Armies for a long time. When I got back, I decided to recreate Pretzels again. We didn’t really do that well, until we reached our 7th Generation. We had 4 other leaders, Pain, Tymatt, Jerry, and Subz come along and we actually reached 4th on CP Army Central with sizes of 25+, the biggest of all of our generations. Things started to go wrong, and fights started occuring, and we died once again.

Multiple generations passed, and we started to become a CPA Central Top 10 regular. Throughout the generations, we proved one thing to many people in the Army Community. We proved that we would never give up. Every time we died, we would always rise again and get back up to where we were supposed to be.

During all of our generations, we beat very powerful armies such as Ice Warriors, Pirates, Light Troops, and Army of Club Penguin. I am very proud of everything that we did, and we will always be remembered as Club Penguins Most Saltiest Army. 

Pretzels vs Ice Warriors

pretzels4.png (593×319)

2011-08-13_11091.png (467×250)

Pretzels vs Pirates

pcpevent12.png (698×493)

Pretzels vs Light Troops


Pretzels vs Army of Club Penguin 


Pretzels Forever. None of this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of every single one of you guys. I love you guys so much.

-Braveboy, Pretzels Creator/Leader