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The Ultimate Resurrection – The Plan

Good day Pretzels,

It seems I find myself back, once again, this time to be it’s last, to arise this glorious Army from it’s grave, in an attempt to display the power within the almighty Pretzels Army, for those who do not know me, I am Holo2, I am considered by many to be a Legend of the Pretzels, and I will demonstrate why as the changes will commence in due time, we shall no longer be left to perish like the Leaders have done so in our past, we will flourish in the light once more, like we have time and time again, we will dawn a new Golden Age of the Pretzels.

The intentions shall be made vividly clear as I type them now, we are to follow set rules in this Generation, we shall abolish any and all former ways of operation inside the Pretzels, it seems each time we allow an incapable individual into the Leadership of the Pretzels Army, they are destined for failure due to the inability to abolish old ways of operation, leading to total failure and mockery of the Pretzels name, this shall be no more, our goals, and rules are set in stone and are rather simple if followed correctly:

  • There are to be only 3 Leaders
  • No Member of the Pretzels Army is to have Main Admin Chat Control other than Leaders
  • No Member of the Pretzels Army is to have Site Access above Author other than Leaders [Unless deemed a Trusted Member]
  • Chat Rules WILL be placed, and are to be abided by under no circumstances will this be over looked
  • Owner Ranks are NOT to be handed out, they will be deemed fit between the Leaders 
  • We Are to have 2 Second In Commands and 3 Third In Commands resulting in ONLY 8 Owners on Chat

As of now, those rules are what shall be followed, if a Member of the Pretzels Army deems these to be unfair, they shall be removed from the Army under any circumstances, these changes are being made to the betterment of the Army and it’s chances of Survival, if anyone does not clearly agree with this, they are not coming to a clear understanding of what needs to be done within the Pretzels, and shall be removed.

Now, I understand people are going to question, what exactly is the New Leadership that is being spoken of, and that question can be answered in a simple form, we, the Veterans of the Pretzels Army have banded together to bring fourth perhaps the most destructive triumvirate ever known to the Pretzels Empire, these Three Men are:

Pretzels Supreme Commander(s):

Holo2 || Braveboy24 || Danthemanr1

These people have chosen to return in the attempt to remove the complete and utter mockery made of the Pretzels Name, and that we shall do, and we are to re-open with such a powerful force that it will take the Army Community by storm, as some of the Greatest Pretzels Leaders ever known, are taking control of the mess left by the imbeciles allowed into the Former Pretzels Army.

We Are Coming



2 Responses

  1. CP saltiest army

Pretzels Forever.

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