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September Promotions & Demotions!

Hey Pretzels!

This is the time of the month where everyone waits for. Here are the September monthly promotions and demotions. This just goes to show that your hard work does pay off. If you don’t get a promotion, don’t feel sad. Just start coming to more events, and work harder towards it and you may get a promotion next month! Without further or do here are the promotions:

Blue: Promotion | Red: Demotion

Pretzel Commanders

 Brave, Holo, & Dan

The commanders are in charge of running the army and making sure that everything is going smoothly. They are the main leaders during events, and also makes big decisions when it comes to the topics of war, promotions, demotions, and many more. When a commander goes on break, a Second in command will temporarily take their spot until the commander comes back. The commander spot is usually filled with 3 Leaders.

Leader In Training

CoD MW2 Emblem Prestige10.jpg

Wyoskyguy & Nitrohammer(Temp LIT)

The Leader In Training is responsible for keeping the army in order and also helping the Commanders. They are trained to take over a leader spot once a commander retires, or can’t fulfill their duty. They help lead during the events and if a commander can’t attend an event, they take over their place. They also update all of the pages and keep the chat and site running smoothly. The Leader in Training position usually consists of 1 Troop.

Second in Command

 Frothe, Hersh & Tondrax

The Second in command is responsible for assisting the commander. If the commander isn’t available to show up for an event, they will take over in their place and help lead the troops. They help update the site and lead during events. They give their inputs on big decisions that affect the army. The Second in command position usually consists of 3 Troops.

Third in Command


SuperJay, Ninjadude, & Ironslime

The Third in command is responsible for assisting the Commanders and Second in commands during events. They keep the troops in order and are trained to take over a Second in command position once a spot opens up. They assist in making big decisions for the army. The Third in command position usually consists of 3 Troops.

Fourth In Command

CpAnthol1, Redrocks, Billy, Iceisnice, Nexphillim & Redstar

The Fourth in command’s also have a huge role in the army. They are the highest mod rank, and are trained to become a Third in command (owner position) once a spot opens up. They assist the Commander, Second in command, and Third in Command by helping in events and keeping the troops in order. The Fourth In Commands are only limited to two armies.



McFreeze/Mario99090, Gavin, Atifgr8, Jarek

Major General

Sir Moshi, Cjrocks1231,

Lieutenant General

Pool, Dash24315,  Elias711, Saco,

In order to become a Pretzels Mod, you must be limited to 3 armies, and you must join the Pretzels Recruit Force. Recruiting on chat or on Club Penguin is required for at least 1 hour a day. If a moderator fails to follow these rules, they may lose their rank.

Head Officer

CoD MW2 Emblem Commander.png

Gamerdude, Sarahmotalebi, Flamearies, Maddie, 


CoD MW2 Emblem General.png

Firedragon246, Icydragon246, Sammo2304, Ryu401


CoD MW2 Emblem LieutenantGeneral.png



CoD MW2 Emblem MajorGeneral.png

Jacob Moose


CoD MW2 Emblem Prestige10.jpg

Apollo, Trent & Max43810

Congrats to those who got promoted! Keep up the hard work Pretzels!

-Brave [Pretzels.Leader]


3 Responses

  1. Congrats to those who got promoted! You guys deserve it and keep up the hard work 🙂

  2. Demo* *wary*

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