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[US] Unscheduled Training Results [09/25/14]

Hey Pretzels,

Today we had an amazing chat size, so we decided to have an event. We did really good! I am very impressed and keep up the great work pretzels.

Max: 12 | Average: 10





Keep it up Pretzels!



4 Responses

  1. brave,
    what happened to pretzels?
    there hasnt been a post in days D:

  2. Hey Pretzels, Chillie here.
    Look, take from my advice, I think Pretzels should’ve stopped a long time ago. I know the Pretzels are a great army, and no one should knock that. “Fear The Salt” is what I think every time I eat a pretzel. Anyhow, we all need to realize that this army is way past its prime. We all know the Pretzels can get to bottom Top 10 Major, but what else have we got to prove? There’s not enough firepower in us anymore to get to the Top 3, and that is okay. I’m done with armies, and I knew that this generation wouldn’t last long either. So, to Brave, Holo, and anyone else out there who is pondering on whether to bring the Pretzels back, you shouldn’t. The “Fear The Salt” logo is dying out and sort of becoming overused. The Pretzels are in no doubt one of the greatest armies in history. We shouldn’t let the greatness die out, like the creators of Spongebob Squarepants did after 2004. So, please, take my advice.

    Fear The Salt

  3. The times when i feel nostalgic such as now, I remember the great armies I was in such as the Pretzels. Long live the Pretzels.

Pretzels Forever.

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