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Changes In Pretzels [MUST READ]


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Hello Pretzels,

I would like to discuss with you guys some new changes that will be effective immediately from this day on in Pretzels.

One Army Rule For Owners

As many of you know, Pretzels owners are only limited to one army, and we take that rule seriously here in Pretzels. If any owner is in another army, they will be warned and asked to leave said army, and if they don’t comply, will be removed from their respective position.

As for our moderators, you all have an important rule in Pretzels. The moderators are the body of Pretzels. Without a body, we aren’t able to live. Moderators recruit, and help get people to chat before events. Moderators are only limited to three armies, one of those army of course including pretzels. If a moderator does get promoted to an owner rank, they will have to leave the other respected army and abide by the owner one army rule.

Recruiting On Other Army Chats

Also, we have been getting many complaints on recruiting on other army chats. I, Brave, have a zero tolerance for recruiting on other chats. If we recruit on their chats, they’re going to think its okay to recruit on ours, and that is not okay. Other armies have gained their loyal troops, and you shouldn’t go on other army chats and recruit them. Let them come to us if they choose to.

I would like to apologize on behalf of Pretzels if any of our troops have ever recruited on your army chat. It is a problem that we are trying to resolve and if it ever does happen again, Please let myself, (brave) know and the situation will be handled accordingly.

There are alternatives to recruiting as well. There are many Club Penguin chats that you can recruit from (pc a leader if you would like to know the chats that you CAN recruit on) OR you can recruit on Club Penguin. From this day on, anyone caught recruiting on other army chats, will be warned once, then after their warning, removed from their respective position.

Also, if you are in Pretzels and someone from another army is trying to recruit you, please take a screen shot, and show proof to an owner on the chat and immediate actions will be taken.

While On XAT, Be On Pretzels Chat

Another thing that I would like to bring up is that, if you are in Pretzels, and on XAT. I expect all of you to be on Pretzels Chat at all times when on Xat. You may open other tabs and browse other chats, but you MUST be on our chat when on xat. If caught not on Pretzels chat, you will be warned twice, and after your second warning, you will risk demotion.

Why be on Pretzels chat at all times while on xat? Simple. It makes it easier for us to call troops to chat once events are starting and it help boosts are chat sizes.

Honestly, Leaders and Owners shouldn’t be telling you guys to come to chat. You should already be coming to chat regardless of there being an event or not.

*excludes: advisors.

Ausia Division

 As many of you have noticed, we are starting to focus more on our Ausia division. My goal is to make our Ausia division as strong as our US and UK division. By doing that, we are going to need to hire an Ausia Leader. I Brave, currently lead our Ausia division but I’m also looking for another person capable of recruiting during Ausia times and getting our Ausia division up to sizes of 20+. If you’re interested, PC (Brave) about the offer.


Every month, we will have promotions and demotions to award those troops who have shown exemplary improvements. By coming to events, recruiting, and coming on daily, you could easily be promoted each month.

Demotions will also happen as well for the troops who become inactive/lazy.

Please inform leaders if you will be going on a vacation ahead of time, so we can record it down so you won’t get a demotion for being inactive.

Game Night

Every Friday night, we will hold a game night either on CP or on chat. This is to reward Pretzel troops on their hard work each week. From time to time, we will be giving out prizes for the winners such as 1 or 6 month membership codes, xat powers, xats, and days (supplied by Brave). REMEMBER: Game night is a privilege.

Troop Of The Month

Every month, the leaders will get together and pick the troop, rank 4ic and below, who has worked the hardest throughout the month. That troop will have their picture of their penguin on the top sidebar of our site for the entire month and will also get a *promotion and a prize of 100 xats for being an amazing troop during that month.

How can you be troop of the month?

  • Be a role model for other troops.
  • Recruit on Club Penguin and bring new troops to Pretzels.
  • Be active and try to come on daily.
  • Be loyal.

*- Promotion only available for ranks 6ic and below. Anyone rank 4ic and below can be troop of the month.

Troop of the month will go into effect on August 1st 2015

All of these rules (excluding troop of the month) will be effective immediately and if you have any questions, PC a leader on chat, or comment below and we will get back to you ASAP.


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