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[US] Training Event Results

>>> From Club Penguin? Click here! <<<

Greetings Pretzels,


Our training event today was amazing, we had excellent sizes and excellent tactics, we did a great job for an event on a weekday! Click “Read More” to find out the results!

Max 19| Average 18


aRtu2QS gajgyQ0

kg9To7u NAjisEX PgOB7hq WtmkLIq x4f1AF1 Y9E53Gb yB3BrCW

Great job at this event troops! If we can continue to get these high numbers, and improve our tactics, then eventually we will obtain a better rank in the top ten. If there is one thing we can improve on, it would be showing up before the event. About 15 minutes before the event, we only had about 10 troops online, if we want to be able to get these higher sizes, we need to see all troops on at least 15 minutes prior to an event, and at least 30 minutes prior to a tournament, if we can do this, I’m confident we will be getting sizes of 20+.

Keep up the great work! Comment if you came!

~ Dominus ~

Pretzels 3ic


3 Responses

  1. i came

  2. I came, great job troops lets take cpac by storm!

Pretzels Forever.

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