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Card Jitsu Tournament Sign-Ups

Hey guys, Dancer5118 here and today Im going to make a Card Jitsu Tournament, since you all love Card Jitsu! Well, I talked to Brave about making a Card Jitsu Tournament and he approved! So here is how to sign up!

Card Jitsu Tournament Sign Ups:

Whats you Club Penguin Username?

Do you have a membership on Club Penguin?

Name on Xat?

Prizes to be announced.

The times for the Card Jitsu Tournament are

August 4th Tuesday

8:00 PM EST, 10:00 AM AUS, 2:00 PM UK.

Server: Matterhorn

Good Luck, and god bless you! ~Dancer5118


8 Responses

  1. My club penguin acount is Littleaa1, it has a membership, and my xat username is also Littleaa1.

  2. my clubpenguin name is saku20055 and my xat is jennniffer u already know im a mod

  3. pretzels rock

  4. alberto says he wants to sign up but he didnt know how, so im gonna do it for him.
    it doesnt have a membership
    his xat is alberto9007

  5. Whats you Club Penguin Username? Ronnoc91

    Do you have a membership on Club Penguin? yes

    Name on Xat? ronnoc91

  6. my cp name is austin1807 member and mr good no member xat is Austin ruler of the earth (evil)

  7. 1. Icecreamer1
    2. Yes
    3. Mr.Swag

  8. Name is BeastBoy8241 And no i dont have a membership but probally will have one My name on xat is BeastLegend

Pretzels Forever.

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