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Fear The Salt [WEEK IN REVIEW]

Hello Pretzels!

This week, the Pretzels had many new additions, and many things took place. And despite all the bot raiding, ddosing, and other acts of negativity towards us, we prevailed and established that we are and will continue to be one of the top contenders in this community. Great job this week Pretzels!

Requested Top Ten Picture:

Pretzels Return Event


Max 20+

Invasion Of Deep Snow

2nd event 6

Max 20+

Invasion Of Snow Board [RAIDED]


Max 25+

Training On Matterhorn [RAIDED]


Max 30+

Invasion Of Walrus

Max 34+

AUSIA Training


Max 25+

Invasion Of Outback

Max 30+

Recruiting Session

Max 36+

Fear The Salt

~Bad, Pretzels Leader


Pretzels Forever.

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