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Pretzels Shutdown

Hello everyone,

I, Brave, will be shutting down Pretzels.

Maybe one day, Pretzels will come back, but the way that Club Penguin Armies are going right now, I honestly don’t see a return.

It was a great run Pretzels. We opened on September 15th 2009, and have reached great heights in the army community.

The highest we ever reached on the top 10: was 3rd place which was in this short lived previous generation.

We battled armies such as: Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, Army of Club Penguin, Army Republic, Pirates, Light Troops, Water Vikings, and have had many great memories.

The highest size we ever recorded on Club Penguin: was a max of 50 which was during the 2015 Legends Cup.

Most successful leadership consisted of: Starz, Buddy, Ant, and Brave reaching sizes of 50 and consistently staying in the CPAC top 10 for months.

Our most important server that we ever held: We had two capitals over the past generations. The two most valuable servers to Pretzels were Glacier and Matterhorn.

Pretzels first ever leadership: consisted of Brave, Funks and Milkyway.

I would like to thank everyone who helped during these past years and made Pretzels successful.

Our Very First Event:


89WkWIZEk4Yqx4legends cup vs rpflegendaryT609CObfjord ecFJORD E2gpKJ0L2r0ipraDJWQT7dfXtEAmIS7ZEqwZgGIXw91X (1)xYQ2YmHrkZr2rv9A006AB1-284A-4AD2-A6EF-E86308EBB8A5s9EUyYttKeokx1Pu2VK8m6H4DIKnDyRjV4gOGNIMmOM9QpfzCtuJftqj


Training. July 30th Max: 31



US/UK PB against Snow Ninjas. July 29th max: 32

BbGGAKQQBjgMb40JEErNlIg61av5eFGHdBZ3temQEylegends cup e9PretzelsUS10PRETZELSUS14PretzelsUS15PretzelsUS13PretzelsUS12tttjtjt17https://thedoritosofcp.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/h1.pngEbWotReGOOD TRAINING EZ


Practice Battle against WV 7/8/15

Screenshot_7Pretzels1PCPEvent12PCPEvent11Pretzels3Pretzels2pcp7pcp6Event3pcp vs iw10pcp vs iw11CakesBarfwpid-Pretzels-1.pngScreen shot 2012-06-11 at 3.09.56 PMPretzel4Pretzel52012-03-10_11232012-03-10_11262012-03-10_11142012-03-10_11162012-03-10_11212012-03-10_11232012-03-10_11262012-03-10_11282012-03-10_14002012-03-10_1401_001P3P2P1pcp8pcp7pcp6pcp13pcp11pcp14pcp15pretzels2


Are you ready to fight?

War pic 2pretzelsdominatereadypostersummer1War pic 1War Pic 3War Pic 3War Pic 3PCP3PCP10PCP9wpid-pcp21.pngPCP20wpid-pcp10-1.pngwpid-2011-08-13_110711.pngwpid-2011-08-13_110711.pngUntitledChat1Chat2PretzelsPCP Wins.dsfaOkwWar pic 1War Pic 7PainiswrongPchat2.2Pchat1.2

Thanks for the amazing 7 Years Pretzels. I have met some awesome people that I will never forget.


15 Responses

  1. RIP PCP ❤ I'll never forget leading this great army. I'm happy to say i was a part of it.

    • Thank you buddy for everything you have done for Pretzels. It was truly an honor having you as leader and leading us to one of our golden generations.

  2. Pretzels Forever.

  3. RIP Pretzels, never stop fearing the salt.

  4. Been here since Gen 2. Pretzels became a 2nd home to me. Will greatly miss it ❤

  5. I will never forget all the awesome times I had here. Brave thank you for the honour of leading this great army and most of all befriending everyone in it.

    ~Fluffy ❤

    • Fluffy, thank you for all the work you have put into Pretzels! I was so glad to see how far you have come in CP Armies. You were truly a gem to Pretzels and I’m so glad I got to work with you.

  6. Just saw this. I’ll never forget the people I met from the Pretzels. Forever and always a classy army, with great people.

  7. Sad to see this. I wish I could have been a better AUS Leader. I just couldn’t pull of AUS. I was better at bein U.S. :/ R.I.P. Pretz

  8. Coming here for my nostalgia period every 3 months. This army helped me achieve what I wanted to in my time with CP Armies. Hard to believe my 10 year old self was apart of the people leading this army to major. Thanks guys, and peace out.


Pretzels Forever.

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