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Hello CPA Community,

I haven’t been on here for a while so I decided I would stop by for a visit and see how things are going. To my surprise, I seen that there was a lot of you that still played Club Penguin. I also noticed that Club Penguin will be shutting down at the end of the month.

It’s pretty sad to see that Club Penguin will be shutting down. This game was my childhood and it really taught me a lot of things that I am now using in real life.

I’m glad that I got to experience being apart of such a great gaming community with everyone. You have all impacted my life.

As Club Penguin will be shutting down this month, I will be on Xat more often and trying to enjoy the final month of Club Penguin as this era comes to a close.

-Brave (Pretzels Creator, S/M Army Legend)


9 Responses

  1. Hey Brave!

  2. Fantastic memories we had, pal.

    Pretzels forever.

  3. What chats will you be on?

  4. Miss you brave. Must find a way to keep in Touch.

Pretzels Forever.

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