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Hello CPA Community,

I haven’t been on here for a while so I decided I would stop by for a visit and see how things are going. To my surprise, I seen that there was a lot of you that still played Club Penguin. I also noticed that Club Penguin will be shutting down at the end of the month.

It’s pretty sad to see that Club Penguin will be shutting down. This game was my childhood and it really taught me a lot of things that I am now using in real life.

I’m glad that I got to experience being apart of such a great gaming community with everyone. You have all impacted my life.

As Club Penguin will be shutting down this month, I will be on Xat more often and trying to enjoy the final month of Club Penguin as this era comes to a close.

-Brave (Pretzels Creator, S/M Army Legend)


7 Years of Pretzels

September 15th 2009

That was the day Brave created Pretzels. As Pretzels seven year anniversary is nearly approaching, I would like to reflect on the amazing memories Pretzels have had.

We have been through a lot, and have seen many faces come through this army, and I am so proud to call myself the creator of Pretzels.

We have paved the way for many small/medium armies, and Pretzels will forever be remembered.

We have given some large armies a run for their money and was also a major power for a while.

So as we approach September 15th, I would like to thank everyone who was apart of Pretzels and helped us get to where we were.

-Brave, Pretzels Creator.

Pretzels Shutdown

Hello everyone,

I, Brave, will be shutting down Pretzels.

Maybe one day, Pretzels will come back, but the way that Club Penguin Armies are going right now, I honestly don’t see a return.

It was a great run Pretzels. We opened on September 15th 2009, and have reached great heights in the army community.

The highest we ever reached on the top 10: was 3rd place which was in this short lived previous generation.

We battled armies such as: Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, Army of Club Penguin, Army Republic, Pirates, Light Troops, Water Vikings, and have had many great memories.

The highest size we ever recorded on Club Penguin: was a max of 50 which was during the 2015 Legends Cup.

Most successful leadership consisted of: Starz, Buddy, Ant, and Brave reaching sizes of 50 and consistently staying in the CPAC top 10 for months.

Our most important server that we ever held: We had two capitals over the past generations. The two most valuable servers to Pretzels were Glacier and Matterhorn.

Pretzels first ever leadership: consisted of Brave, Funks and Milkyway.

I would like to thank everyone who helped during these past years and made Pretzels successful.

Our Very First Event:


89WkWIZEk4Yqx4legends cup vs rpflegendaryT609CObfjord ecFJORD E2gpKJ0L2r0ipraDJWQT7dfXtEAmIS7ZEqwZgGIXw91X (1)xYQ2YmHrkZr2rv9A006AB1-284A-4AD2-A6EF-E86308EBB8A5s9EUyYttKeokx1Pu2VK8m6H4DIKnDyRjV4gOGNIMmOM9QpfzCtuJftqj


Training. July 30th Max: 31



US/UK PB against Snow Ninjas. July 29th max: 32

BbGGAKQQBjgMb40JEErNlIg61av5eFGHdBZ3temQEylegends cup e9PretzelsUS10PRETZELSUS14PretzelsUS15PretzelsUS13PretzelsUS12tttjtjt17https://thedoritosofcp.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/h1.pngEbWotReGOOD TRAINING EZ


Practice Battle against WV 7/8/15

Screenshot_7Pretzels1PCPEvent12PCPEvent11Pretzels3Pretzels2pcp7pcp6Event3pcp vs iw10pcp vs iw11CakesBarfwpid-Pretzels-1.pngScreen shot 2012-06-11 at 3.09.56 PMPretzel4Pretzel52012-03-10_11232012-03-10_11262012-03-10_11142012-03-10_11162012-03-10_11212012-03-10_11232012-03-10_11262012-03-10_11282012-03-10_14002012-03-10_1401_001P3P2P1pcp8pcp7pcp6pcp13pcp11pcp14pcp15pretzels2


Are you ready to fight?

War pic 2pretzelsdominatereadypostersummer1War pic 1War Pic 3War Pic 3War Pic 3PCP3PCP10PCP9wpid-pcp21.pngPCP20wpid-pcp10-1.pngwpid-2011-08-13_110711.pngwpid-2011-08-13_110711.pngUntitledChat1Chat2PretzelsPCP Wins.dsfaOkwWar pic 1War Pic 7PainiswrongPchat2.2Pchat1.2

Thanks for the amazing 7 Years Pretzels. I have met some awesome people that I will never forget.


Hey Pretzels!

Today we logged on a little later than expected to invade Glacial but we still did an awesome job reaching sizes of 27, averaging 25, with awesome tactics. Great job today!





Great job today!

Recruiting Session On Blizzard: RESULTS

Hello my salty friends,

Today we decided to have a Recruiting Session on Blizzard and here are our amazing results!




Invasion Of Outback, SUCCESS!

Today we invaded Outback to claim as our own. Unfortunately just as we were logging in were were bot raided (see picture at the end), so after we claimed Outback we moved to another server to continue our event. We were able to max 30 and average 27.


Hey guys tonight we held a quick AUSIA event and we maxed 25! Nice job!

I dont see WV having AUSIA events (or any events) maxing over 25.. xD lol













Today we invaded Walrus in our conquest to replenish our empire after the server draft. We managed to max 34 and average 32 in our biggest event since we re-opened! We started off in the town and then moved to the forts as our size increased. Pictures are below.


Matterhorn Training Results

Hey Pretzels,

We did pretty good today before we got bot raided again. We managed to get 40+ on chat, and we had 30 on Club Penguin.

We need to work on logging in quicker and holding our tactics longer.

Max: 32 | Average: 28



Comment if you attended

-Brave, Pretzels Creator.

Invasion Of Deep Snow Results!

Greetings Pretzlels! Holo2 here,

Today we held our Invasion of Deep Snow. This Invasion started off slightly shakey, but promising, and ended with a boom, considering it was only our second event, but today we need to talk about a few things for our upcoming invasions so that we can continue to triumph!

Alright before getting to the results, I want to discuss some things that happened during the event that we can work on as a team to ensure we get nothing but better results in the coming weeks!

  • Following Tactics [Following Tactic Countdowns]

During the event, we had a mishap where a tactic was being prepared and the tactic caller was waiting for everyone to be ready to announce the tactic, and another owner took it upon themselves to go ahead and take over the calling, which can not take place. Do not take over a tactic unless the original caller has disconnected from chat, let the original caller finish the tactic.

  • Hold Tactics

It is pivotal that during these events our tactics are perfect for results and Top Ten points. Performing tactics is a huge part of an event, so from now on when a tactic is called, spam it for at least 30 seconds or until you see that the tactic is perfect.

Without further ado, here are the invasion results, and welcome Deep Snow to our glorious Empire!

Max: 20 || Average: 17

2nd event 1

2nd event 4

2nd event 6

2nd event 5

All in all, it was a great second event, and make sure to attend the next invasion. Thanks to everyone that came out to help, and great work Pretzels, lets continue to triumph!